3 Ways to Brainstorm Your Passion

Sometimes finding your passion can transform into a successful business. I remember starting college having aspirations of being a paralegal because I loved watching the tv series Law & Order. After taking my first class, I realized that this career was NOT like Law & Order! There is an old saying that says if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. So, what are some things that you enjoy doing? Those are the things you may want to consider pursuing to make into a lucrative business. Many entrepreneurs who focus on their passion tend to be more successful than their peers. Let’s brainstorm some easy ways that you can turn your passion into a career.

  1. Write down your strengths. Look for ways to harness your existing strengths and use them to pursue your new passion. Grab a notebook or notepad and write down everything you are good at. Let be honest, you will not be an expert in every area or have the relevant training. But many skills such as being a good leader and communicator are great characteristics of an entrepreneur.
  2. Find a Vision. Articulate your vision first without constraints. It is important to consider the cost and time that comes into play to run a business. But first, try to articulate your vision without the obstacles. Sometimes our worries play a major factor in limiting our dreams and abilities. So for now, eliminate your worries of cost, time, and energy and focus simply on what makes you happy. Try to picture in your mind what you truly see for yourself in the future and take the necessary steps to get there. Do you love to cook and often enjoy your stay in the kitchen? If your passion is cooking, then consider a career in culinary arts. Your passion for business could be a food blogger or restaurant owner. Explore your options so you can focus your vision on an idea that is concrete.
  3. Get an Inside Perspective. Before investing in your passion full-time, get an insider’s perspective! Think about the ideas we wrote down and try to get the inside “tea”. Often, we admire entrepreneurs and business owners for the work that they do. Their businesses seem glamourous and successful from the outside but can be challenging and difficult on the inside. Before making the big leap consider volunteering in the industry or gain experience part-time! This will allow you to learn about the industry while also making some extra cash. Also, don’t be afraid to ask an expert in the industry for information or consider reaching out to a mentor. In some cases, getting a business mentor can give you a unique perspective and help you fuel your passion with knowledge and confidence.Business Mentor

So there you have it! Whether you are looking for a new career or starting your own business, finding out what you are passionate about is a great start! Many people pursue careers with the mindset to follow the money. If you focus on your passion first within yourself, the money will follow! Don’t get caught up in the fear and worries that prevent you from thriving and focusing on what you love. If you have the dedication and passion you are more then capable of turning your passion into a successful thriving business!

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