8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Digital Marketing Presence

Digital marketing has many moving parts. There is a lot that needs to be considered in determining how you want to present your company or brand in the digital world and this often requires a hefty load of tedious work. This is why many businesses hire companies to take care of their digital marketing.  For others, though, the cost is simply too great. We are passionate about making your business succeed; this why we’ve pooled together 8 ways you can boost your digital marketing presence:

  1. Identify your client personas.
    This means the groups of people that you want to target. We’ve found that many businesses do not know who they are marketing to or they are trying to market to too many people, which isn’t making their marketing strategy effective. Before coming up with a digital marketing plan, make sure you know who you’re trying to reach. Read our post for more information.
  1. Identify the list of keywords that you want to rank for in search engines.
    The first thing we do when we meet with any client is to ask them what keywords they want to rank for in popular search engines. This isn’t just coming up with a list of keywords; it’s also knowing what the search volume is. It doesn’t make sense to invest a lot of time to rank for keywords that people aren’t searching for. The most common way of identifying which words your business should use to rank high in search engines is by using Adwords Keyword Planner. Using this tool enables you to search for a specific keyword’s search volume for a particular geographic area.
  1. Make sure that your website is fully optimized and focuses on your client personas.
    It is important that your website effectively uses the keywords that you want to rank for as well as reflect the personas that you are targeting. The personas that you are trying to reach should be reflected in all content, images, and text on your site. There have been times when we’ve consulted with a client who wants to reach a younger professional but none of their website pictures reflect people of that age group. Here are two things you need to look out for on your website:
  • Is all the meta information filled out: page titles, meta description? Do they contain your keywords?
  • Does the text on your pages include the keywords? You want to make sure that you are using your keywords throughout your entire website.
    Many site builders have a place where you can fill out the meta information for each page, you will need to contact the company to find out where. If you have a WordPress site then you can download a plugin, such as Yoast.
  1. Google + Local Page
    It is crucial for businesses to have a Google + Local page and we are surprised that many businesses still don’t. As shown in the picture below, when someone Googles your business your profile box will show up on the right-hand side of the screen with basic information for your company as well as the reviews you have across major social media platforms.Many businesses are hesitant to do a Google + Local page because they work from their home and don’t want to show their home address. But you can hide your street address and simply display your city and state.Also, having a Google + Local Page will help you get placed on Google Maps when customers are searching for specific keywords. We searched for “graphic designer Ypsilanti” and Triad Marketing Solutions came up third on the map.
  2. Reviews
    Getting reviews is so important for both rankings and branding. Many people make purchases based on the company’s reviews so it’s important to make sure that you are asking customers to leave you reviews. We also recommend that you use a Review Management System. This helps keep all your review requests and responses in one location, making managing your reviews a lot easier. Our system has a lot of great features, such as email autoresponders, review funnels/streams for your website, and more.
  3. Active Social Media Presence
    Many businesses dread doing social media because of the time it takes and the lack of understanding of how it all works, which makes everything so overwhelming. For the last several years Google has been considering your social media activity, page activity, engagement, and likes in their ranking algorithm. We understand that managing social media accounts can feel like a burden, which is why we suggest focusing on at least 2 social media platforms so that you can strive to manage them well. You can always add more social media accounts as you feel comfortable.We also notice that many small businesses are on social media platforms that aren’t reaching their target demographic or are using platforms that don’t make sense for their industry. Check out this Top Social Network Demographic infographic that was put together to show you who uses each of the major social media platforms.
  4. Generate Content Consistently
    Google wants fresh, informative, and readable content. This content can be curated in a variety of ways: videos, infographics, blogs, etc. Your content needs to include the keywords that you want to rank for and be crafted in a way that reaches your target market(s). You have to ask yourself, “What information would my target market like to know that’s related to my industry?” Or, “What expert knowledge do I have that I can share with people?”Did you know that the standard word count for blog posts has jumped to 1,000-2,500 words? You may want to limit writing a blog post to every other week or every few weeks if you can’t invest enough time to make each post long enough. Once you create a blog post you can also turn it into an infographic and/or video to use later. The key is being creative with your content.Infographics are a great way to graphically display bits of information, like what we did for our client Roof Advance.Videos are gaining increased traction on social media platforms. People would rather watch a 1-minute video than read a 1,000-word blog. If you’re uncomfortable speaking in front of a camera there are options which allow you to create content with premade video clips or images with overlaid text, like what we did here for a Website Promo Video.
  5. Email Mailing
    Tapping into your current client base can be very rewarding. Whether you send out a weekly email or prefer to stay in touch monthly, the goal is to keep your name in front of your clients. You can keep them updated with what’s going on in your company, upcoming sales/promotions, and even make requests for referrals.

Digital marketing is so important but many businesses struggle to keep up with a solid online presence. If you need help talking through a strategy we are happy to offer our consulting services. You can also have us put together a full digital marketing package. We want your business to shine as brightly as you do!

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