Email Marketing is a great tool that helps you keep in touch with your customers. Here are 3 key reasons why email marketing is important for your digital marketing strategy:

  1. You can share more information at one time than you can on social media.
  2. You tend to have a higher reach percentage than on social media. Because your email subscribers have explicitly said they wanted to hear from, they are more likely to open your email.
  3. You typically get a higher conversion rate than you do on social media. People who sign up for an email list are already invested into your brand and are more likely to want to learn more about new products/services
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Email Marketing Solutions

Triad Marketing Solutions offers customized email solutions to suit your brand and keep you connected with your clients.

Custom Email Templates

We can create custom email templates that coordinate your brand and allows your team to insert the content.

Full Email Creation

If you need help creating the content and laying out your email, we are happy to help on a per email basis.

Email Marketing Strategy

Not sure what to say and how often to connect, we are happy to put together a strategy that will help you create an effective email marketing strategy.

Our Preferred Email Platforms

We primarily work with the two well-known platforms below:

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But we are open to reviewing your existing platform to see the available customizations.

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