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Debra Stewart
Founder & President

I am an experienced digital marketing consultant with years of experience helping businesses succeed online. Before starting my own business in 2014, I worked for a family-owned furniture store for 7.5 years with 5.5 of them as their Business Manager.  It was during that time I learned everything I could: sales, business management, shipping, e-commerce, every aspect of marketing and more. It was under my leadership that the company grew from $800,000 annual income to $1.6 million in 4 years. Through the growth process, I learned a lot about what it takes to make a company succeed.

In 2014 I decided to make a full-time job out of helping other small businesses gain the same success. I saw the need for smaller companies to have access to affordable, cost-effective marketing solutions. Ever since starting my company I’ve enjoyed offering small businesses online marketing consulting services to help them gain an edge in the digital world.

Affordable Online Marketing Consultant Services

I can offer you a wide range of online marketing consulting services to help you and your business understand the digital marketing world and how to best market your company to gain an edge over your competitors.

Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant
With my extensive experience working for a small business I understand that small businesses are challenged by a lack of resources, whether it be money, time, personnel. With the ever-changing world of digital marketing, I can help you best maximize the resources you have available for a successful online marketing strategy.
Social Media Marketing Consultant
Social media marketing can be daunting. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to manage too many social media platforms or focus on ones that don’t reach their target market. With my social media marketing consulting service I can take a look at your current strategy and make recommendations on how to best improve on what you are doing to help maximize your return on investment.

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