Image module
The screen the dealer sees when the login into the app.
Image module
They can see an overview of their orders, including the estimated delivery date at a glance. They can see the full order details by clicking the eye icon in the Action column. They can search the table by PO or Title (Customer Name).
Image module
They can see all the invoices at a glance and download PDFs by clicking the PDF icon in the Action column.
Image module
This is a listing of all the documents, pricing lists, order forms, etc. The dealer can search the table by keyword for the information they are looking for or sort the name column alphabetically.
For security reasons, the information shown is dummy data.

Our client contacted us because they were having an issue with keeping up with their dealer requests for order updates. They are using BizApps, a desktop software used to manage their orders and completion estimates, but it didn’t have an online customer portal option. In talking with the client and the software developer, we developed a web application that would allow their dealers to do three things:

    1. Access Their Orders – they are able to see all their order details with completion ETAs
    2. View & Download Invoices – downloads as PDFs
    3. Download All Sales Information – our client provides their dealers with a variety of sales materials: order forms, catalogs, pricing information etc.

Code Technologies Used:

  • UI Design
  • UX Architecture
  • CakePHP
  • MySQL