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Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website through onsite and offsite techniques in order to improve your keyword ( what your customers search for when looking for what you offer) visibility which improves brand awareness and website visibility. Being at the top of the search engine result page is the goal and is a must for success.

Why do I Need SEO?

Getting your business seen online is crucial to its growth. With tons of other companies like you all competing for that precious visibility, what is going to make your small business special? Let us help you today

Get a Professional SEO Consultant in Your Corner

Search Engine Optimization will produce the most relevant & engaging traffic, capturing customers that are ready to buy from you. Just another reason why small businesses need to invest in SEO.  It’s a much slower marketing channel in terms of producing results but in the long run, it will continue to produce value.

Don’t be fooled by shady SEO companies. At Triad we only execute SEO best practices according to Google’s standards and proven strategies from the leaders in the industry.

What’s Included in Our Packages

Our search engine optimization packages are all about you and making your more successful online! We put together personalized strategies, tailored to your business needs:

Keyword Research

Through keyword research, we will determine the best words to gain a position for your business. We will be able provide a list of suggested keywords and phrases as well as their search popularity.

Competitor Analysis

One of the best ways to gain an edge is to research who your competitors are and what they are doing. With our SEO package we will do a competitor analysis and make recommendations to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Website Optimization

We take your approved keywords and your competitor analysis and review your website based on these parameters. We do a thorough assessment of your site and make changes as necessary:
– Assure that all the website meta information is filled out properly and contains the approved keywords
– Assess the site’s usability and make approvements as needed
– Make changes to the site’s content using the approves list of keywords
– Create landing pages to focus on specific keywords and target cities.

Social Media Management

One essential part of rankings in having an engaging social media presence. We will review your social media accounts and make recommendations for improvement or we can take over full management.

Custom Content

It is important to have content that is relevant and engaging to your community, identifies your brand and reflects your voice. We create custom graphics, blogs and videos that help express your brand.

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Our packages are priced based on the needs and goals of the client. Send us a message if you are interested in us helping increase your online visibility.

Our Clients

Here are a few of our clients that we’ve helped manage successful social media strategies for.


Contract Ongoing

Contract Ongoing


Contract Ongoing


Contract Ended 8/26/18


Contract Ended 9/15/18

Home Interior Warehouse

Client Description:
A furniture with two locations in Walled Lake (opened for 20+ years) and Plymouth (July 2017).
They don’t offer any e-commerce options so all marketing is focused on getting people into their stores as well as use their interior design services.

When we took over digital marketing in July 2015. They were averaging less than 600 clicks to their website per month from Michigan. As of February 2019 we average over 1,600 clicks per month, with closer to 2,000 in peak months

July 2015

February 2019

In July 2017 they opened up their location in Plymouth. Since then we have been able o

Need Help with a Strategy

We also have a few clients who would like to manage their own social media accounts but need help putting together a strategy or learning how to manage their social media accounts better. We would be happy to offer you consulting services!

Social Media Marketing Help