Social Media Etiquette for Business Owners

Social media can be hard to keep up with due to its evolving nature. Business owners that are new to social media may find the platform confusing and hard to understand. There are many unwritten rules in place that could make navigating social media difficult. How often should you post? How do you respond to a negative comment? Many questions arise, and if answered correctly social media can be a huge asset in growing your business. That is why we have come up with __ social media dos’ and don’ts when it comes to social media etiquette for your business.

Update your Social Media Profiles- First impressions mean everything. Before you make a post, make sure that your business profile is 100% filled. Come up with a creative bio, add your business location, profile picture, and a link to your website. Social media accounts that are not filled appear unprofessional. Thoughtfully fill out your information on each social media profile and refrain from copy and pasting the same information on each account. Each social media platform has a different audience which calls for different language and jargon.

Share Posts Strategically- Posting on social media takes focus and your posts should be placed strategically. Do your research and figure out what is the best time to post for each platform. Instagram for example, most people use in the mornings before work around 9am-11am and after work just around 5pm. Therefore you should avoid posting in the afternoon for this target audience. On the other hand, Twitter users are rarely scrolling in the morning and are most likely to use the platform around noon to 6pm.  If you are a small business owner getting used to social media, it is important to become acclimated to which times work best for your audience.

Post Regularly- As well as the best times to post, you should make sure that you are also posting regularly. Posting once a day can help keep your brand relevant and your audience engaged.

Prioritize your Target Audience- It may seem like a great idea to have all of your apples in different baskets, but it can be dangerous to spread yourself too thin. When using social media it is important to focus on the social networks where you know potential customers are. More than likely, those may be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter. Providing quality content to these outlets is important regardless of your industry.

Share Relevant Content- Every social media network has a different audience. Understanding your audience will help you post relevant content that leads to success. If your business requires a visual aspect then it may be good to use Youtube to promote your product or service. If you are a realtor or marketing agency, then Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your work. If your main purpose is to reach business professionals then Linkedin offers the perfect place. Understanding social media networks helps match your content with your intended audience.

Interact with your Audience- You can interact with your followers by using tags, likes, mentions, and comments. We recommend spending several minutes a day on each social media platform to engage your followers. When your followers feel engaged it becomes easier to earn their respect, therefore, easier to sell your products or service to them. See a question or comment that you can answer? Send a friendly reply!

Don’t Get Banned- Liking comments too frequently, or posting too often is a quick way to get banned. Social media networks like Facebook & Instagram are constantly working to remove fake likes from pages. Paying for likes, followers, and using bots to boost your account can get your business page permanently banned. So just remember that it’s not worth it – fake followers and likes will do nothing for your engagement or your bottom line!  You also don’t want to get the reputation of being a spammer.

Don’t Forget to Link- The goal of posting on social media is to guide your followers to your product or service. The best way to achieve this is by linking your website to your page. Don’t trust that your customers will click your website link in your bio themselves. Give them a soft nudge by posting a hyperlink back to your site. If you are sharing a blog post, or a realtor sharing a new property, it is important to provide links to your customers. Try to make linking a habit!

Use Proper Grammar- Using improper grammar and spelling will ruin your credibility before you even get a chance to promote your business. To help avoid this mistake, we suggest using a spell check or download Grammarly to your computer’s browser. You can also ask a friend or colleague to proofread your post before you share them!

Don’t Write in all Caps- DO YOU WANT YOUR AUDIENCE TO THINK YOU ARE YELLING AT THEM? Writing in caps is not the way to get your customer’s attention. Using caps is visually alarming and also communicates that you are angry or upset.

Give Credit when it’s Due- Social media is about sharing and engaging. So make sure that you tag yourself and other businesses when you post. If a user sees something they like on your page, how would they know where to find it? This also shows that your company is supportive of other small business owners and raises your brand awareness in your local community. It is especially important on Instagram to attribute the author or photographer when you share their post. When reposting, go the extra mile to acknowledge the original author of the post, and also thank those who re-post your content! You will make great connections when you are a team player and work well with others.

Don’t be Needy- Don’t’ beg other accounts to follow your page, like your posts, or like your page. You can accomplish those same results by earning them and posting relevant content!

Navigating social media as a business owner can be tricky, but not impossible. The sooner you master social media, the sooner your business can thrive. Still feeling overwhelmed? Triad Marketing Solutions can help you execute a successful social media strategy. Contact us and let us keep your social media accounts on track!

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