The Importance Digital Marketing Assessment

JR-Cycle-Website-Mock---Large-WebServing as Client Relationship Manager for Triad Marketing Solutions I have the honor of representing our company at networking events throughout Southeast Michigan. At each event, I have the opportunity to connect with anywhere from 25 to 50 area business leaders. The main part of my role with Triad Marketing Solutions is to help assess the needs of the new connections and help them understand how we can help improve their digital presence. Over the course of several months, I typically interact with hundreds of business owners and through that process, learn about their businesses and what challenges they are facing.

After making a new connection the first thing I do is look at their website to see if what they’ve shared with me is reflected in their website. As someone who has assessed a number of business websites from a marketing perspective, I want to challenge you to take a look at your website and do a marketing assessment on your own company.

As it is in the physical world, so it is in the digital world, you must always remember you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your digital first impression may be the most important element in determining if you will do business with a particular individual. With this in mind, I respectfully ask the question, “Is your website working for you?” Your answer to this question may make the difference in the decisions made by your prospective clients to do, or not to do business with you.

First things first, how does your website look? The visual appearance of your website is very important. Your choice of colors, photos, videos, and fonts go a long way in capturing the attention of your prospective clients who visit your website. In addition to appearance, here are a few things to consider when designing a website that works.

Consider having a space that shares the history of your company. This is the place where you talk about your products and services. Use this space to present your professional bio and the reason why you are the best choice for achieving results in your area of business. Share success stories from positive client experiences.

Engage your clients by sharing your knowledge and expertise through regular blog posts. Your insights will demonstrate your ability to speak to the trends and information that shape your industry. Use your blog to distinguish yourself as a competent resource and expert in your field.

Your website should provide your prospects with your physical location. Use google maps, photos, and digital visualization video’s to draw your prospects into your working environment. This is a great way to showcase your digital workspace and encourage prospects to do business with you.

Finally, you must provide an opportunity to engage with your prospects. Share your contact information and collect the contact information from your prospects at the same time. Invite your prospects to schedule an appointment with you directly through your website.

For more information about how you can achieve greater results with your website contact our office today for a complimentary digital marketing assessment. Call 734-273-9301, or email to

David-MitchellAuthor: David Mitchell
David serves as the Client Relationship Manager for Triad Marketing Solutions. He can be reached at or (734) 215-5311 if you would like to set up a meeting.

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