Things to Consider When Having a Logo Designed

Things to Consider When Having a Logo DesignedEvery major brand has a memorable logo. You can probably think of a few right now. What makes these logos so significant?

As a business owner, you may be wondering why logos are so important. You may be wondering how to design a good logo or who you should hire to make it for you. This guide answers those questions and more.


Do Logos Really Matter?

So, do logos really matter? The short answer is yes. The logos of our favorite brands live subconsciously in our minds. When you think of companies like McDonald’s, Nike, Target, or Amazon, you will usually picture their logo in your mind first. That is the power of a good logo.

These companies put a lot of thought into their logos. They hire professionals in marketing and graphic design to help them create iconic, memorable logos.


What Makes a Good Logo?

Everything about your company’s logo should be carefully considered. Your logo should say something about your company; its history, its values, or its culture.

The type of logo you choose will depend on your target audience and the best way to market to them. A good marketing company will be able to help you figure out what kind of logo is best for your needs, and help you design it.

An effective logo will be timeless, unique, easy to read, simple, and have attractive colors. Color is one of the most important features of a logo. Color can affect the way a person feels, so it’s important to get it right. Scale is also important. Your logo needs to be easy to make larger or smaller as necessary.

Avoid the pitfalls of a bad logo. A bad logo will have one or more of the following issues; not mesh well with your brand, not be readable, not easy to size up or down, too similar to another brand’s logo, or has bad color choices.


Can I DIY a Logo?

You may be wondering if you can save some money by designing your own logo. You can, but it could be a mistake if you if you aren’t skilled in marketing or graphic design. Many small-business owners try making their own logos, only to have to go through a major rebranding later on.

If you are not skilled in the right areas, you risk creating a logo that is poorly thought-out, poorly designed, has a bad color scheme, or sends the wrong message for your company. It’s best to go with a professional unless you know what you are doing. It could save you time and headaches later on.


Our Logo Design Process

Having a logo designed can be overwhelming, therefore we try to make the process as easy as possible. When starting a project, we will ask you to do three things:

  1. If you currently have a logo and are looking to change it, tell us what you don’t like and why you are wanting to change it.
  2. Provide us a several examples of logos that you do like. This will help us get an idea of the style that you like
  3. Provide us any certain colors you like or want to use.

Our packages typically include three logo variations and two rounds of edits. Once we have finalized your design we’ll send you your logo package which includes a full resolution png, pdf, eps, and multiple sizes for social media.

Visit our website to see logo designs we’ve done for clients. Contact us today at Triad Marketing Solutions for more information about logos and other marketing services.

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