Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has made a pivotal turn in the business industry. Once just a new way to market to customers, digital marketing is now an integral part of what can make or break your business. As online marketing has grown over the past years, digital marketing has become a big game-changer. Let’s look at why your business needs marketing to thrive.

Connection to Mobile Users- In 2019, the average Internet user reported that they had 7 social media accounts. 97% of adults under the age of 65 reported logging onto social media almost every single day. 60% of consumers also stated that they cannot live without their smartphones. Most websites today are created to be mobile friendly because most consumers use their phones to browse, find solutions for problems, and shop for products online. The average person spends over 24 hours a week online. Therefore, digital marketing provides a convenient platform to reach your customers, and for them to easily reach you. With the press of a button, you can advertise your product or service to millions of people. If your business is not easily accessible by phone, you are at risk of losing potential customers who need your service. To avoid this, it is vital to understand the importance of incorporating digital marketing into your business strategy.

Brand Awareness- Although traditional marketing is an effective tool to reach a target market, digital marketing provides you with new ways to reach your target audience. Whether you are utilizing blogging, social media, or search engines, digital marketing gives your business exposure and builds effective brand recognition. The same way driving pass a billboard reinforces brand awareness so does your brand appearing on your customer’s phone while they are scrolling. If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy your business will be shadowed by your competitors.  

Increase Trust With Customers- Having an online presence allows your brand to connect with customers. When your brand image is online, customers can share their experiences with other potential buyers. Converting leads to new customers becomes easy when you have favorable reviews on your online platforms. Positive reviews build a strong image of trust in the minds of new customers, therefore, leading to more conversions. Another way to connect with customers and establish an impeccable reputation is by providing customer support. Making sure that your brand is easily accessible to answer questions or offer solutions to a customer’s problem establishes a personal rapport with your customer base.

Interactive- By utilizing marketing campaigns like blogging, online advertisements, social media, or email marketing, you give your customers a more personalized experience. The goal is to grab the attention of your target by keeping them informed, entertained, and engaged. Another advantage of digital marketing is that you can interact directly with your target market. Having these interactions will develop the connection you have with the customer, therefore, increasing your ability to influence their decisions.

Small Business Advantage- Let’s face it, in today’s industry competing with major brands like Walmart and Starbucks can be difficult. Digital marketing allows small businesses the opportunity to compete with the name recognition of bigger companies who spend millions on marketing. Digital marketing allows small businesses the opportunity to compete even though they have smaller advertising budgets. When managed effectively smaller businesses can hold a top-ranking position.

Tracking, Monitoring, & Analytics- If you want to know the reach of your campaigns, digital marketing is the way to go. Digital marketing has the metrics you need to measure your success. Online marketing platforms provide analytic tools that allow you to check the number of visitors your website has, the number of page views, the number of conversations, and more. You are also able to analyze the growth that your business has over time. By analyzing all the data provided, you will be able to optimize your digital strategies to get the best results!

Segmentation & Personalization – Digital marketing gives you the ability to dissect demographics and target a very specific type of person. In some cases, like email marketing, you can collect data about your email subscribers and use it to segment content. When you know more about your consumers, you can best recommend solutions or products that they may need. Referring to your customers by name is also a sign that you respect their individuality.

Traditional marketing is effective, but digital marketing is where the customers are! We understand that implementing a digital marketing strategy can be complicated. Triad Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing company invested in the success and satisfaction of our clients. Schedule a consultation or call us to find out how we can help your business grow! (734) 273-9301

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